Frequently Asked Questions

How does MyTables work?

The MyTables platform is a cloud-based platform, which operates on Google Chrome and Firefox web browsers through your enabled device (tablet and computer). The software using tables, dining times, and other information about the venue, creates a Matrix. The Matrix then works in the background to allocate tables when customers book online, or you enter bookings manually.

What does my customer see?

Your customer accesses your own dedicated booking website which can be linked from your own website or social media channels. This takes them to a neat three step process to; 1) select date and time; 2) enter contact details and special requests; 3) confirm!

Your customer can do this via their mobile phone, tablet or computer. The customer facing platform is configured and already built for this ease of use.

How do I know the customer has booked?

You may choose to ask the customer to reconfirm their booking via email or SMS, if so, this will be displayed in the platform to indicated "confirmed". Alternatively, some clients will be happy with a single step confirmation and then it's up to you if you want to remind the customers via email, SMS or phone them.

You may also elect to receive an email notification for each booking (from

Either way, new bookings will show with a little notification symbol along the banner of the MyTables platform so you definitely won't miss it!


Can I take credit card details of customers for deposits?

Whilst the system does not yet have this functionality, we are working on it and hope to have this set up soon!

Do you have the facility for gift vouchers?

Whilst the system does not yet have this functionality, we are working on it and hope to have this set up soon!

How do I find out about new features?

For minor changes, the MyTables elves are working away in the background and will do this without any disruption. Just remember to refresh and always have an up to date browser.

For more significant enhancements we will email you the information and supporting information.

Will I have to pay more for new features?

No - you monthly susbscription includes all new features.


How can I use MyTables to meet government restrictions about COVID-19?

Please always check your relevant State or local area advice regarding your business activities as a first port of call.

MyTables has built-in functions for bookings to identify each individual patron, and an option to have them enter phone numbers for each (or refer to the main booking contact phone number). This keeps a handy and easy to access database of customers should you need to contact them in the future.

This option is totally at your choice, you can kindly force customers to provide it as part of booking, or not have this option.


Where is my data gone?

The Booking listing can be filtered, it will say 'Grid is filtered'. But following a filter being set you might forget you did it, or someone else has come up and the screen looks empty. We have a handy 'Reset Filter' button above the grid so click on that.


What support does MyTables offer?

There are Help user guides embedded into the platform, accessed through the toolbar at the top of the screen and click on "Help Docs".

We provide an email helpdesk service, email If you come across any pesky bugs in the system or have suggestions to improve the functionality or layout, we would love to hear from you. If you can take a screenshot image and email to us, that will enable us to address any system issues quickly.

Where is MyTables head office and support located?

Adelaide, South Australia. Also known as Radelaide, because it's Rad.

I have many questions; how can I get more help?

Of course! We are here to help, you can email us to set up a time for us to virtual meeting/demo with you via Zoom, or we can talk you through it over the phone.

If you are based in the Adelaide metropolitan area, we can arrange an in-person meeting. If you are based outside of Adelaide, please send a private jet, filled with champagne and pizza.

How do I contact MyTables?

Please email us: - for any technical system questions, user or password resets - for account billing, security, general or random queries.


What does $29 per month get me?

The $29 per month flat fee is all fee for one business license. Unlimited number of bookings, helpdesk support via email, access to all system updates. Unlimited emails sent to customers to confirm and reminder of bookings. Additional charges for SMS are 10c per message, you will need to have credit loaded in order to send messages. This is managed through the billing function.

Why so cheap, what's the catch?

No catch, SMS is extra though, 8c inc GST a pop.

Will you increase the price soon?

You pay the same price you signed up for as long as you're a MyTables client. We offer no lock in contract so you can leave at any time.

Can I try before I buy?

Absolutely, we offer a 25 day free trial and set up. Just select Sign Up and have a play in the system in setting it up and making a few "test" bookings. If you have any questions, please email us at and we will get back to you quickly. All questions are appreciated and if you are looking for something in particular, it may already be active or close to being developed!

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

We believe you will either love MyTables or won't, I appreciate the need for short flings and therefore MyTables is a month-to-month contract. Cancel anytime and just pay for the remainder of the month.

How do I pay for MyTables?

Following the bitcoin market crash in early 2019 we only take credit card now. You just Sign Up, and enter your credit card details in the Billing tab. It's a monthly charge in advance.

What if I want to cancel?

Not going to lie, I would be sad. But I won't take it too personally. As our billing is monthly, we would provide access and your payment will be to the end of the month only. For example, if you cancelled from 17 September, you would have access and your fee paid to 30 September. Then you will not be able to add or take bookings from 1 October.

What if I don't pay my bill?

We ask for credit cards to make it easier for you and us. Although I have been known to do some late night online retail therapy and next day remember I had maxed my credit card out. So it happens.

The payment processor we use, Stripe, will attempt to credit your account again. However, if payment has not gone through after 3 days and you have not notified us, we will suspend your account. We hope it doesn't ever have to come to that, so just drop us an email to if you don't think you will make payment and we will discuss with you to come to a short term arrangement.


Can I enter manual bookings into MyTables?

YES! This is where the magic of walk-ins happens. You can enter minimal customer information to show the booking on the grid. You can also select walk-in, phone, facebook so give yourself some more customer data if you want to keep a record.

Can I SMS my customers direct?

Yes, but you would need a MyTables paid subscription with SMS credit loaded. This is managed under the Billings tab.

How do I edit a booking?

You open the booking (double click or select the "Edit" button) and make changes required.

Can I delete a booking?

Yes, you can and it will send the customer a notification. We recommend talking to the customer first otherwise, or run the risk of being uncool.

Oh no, I deleted a booking, can I get it back?

We aren't miracle workers; it could be gone forever. If you contact us on as soon as you have deleted it then we can attempt to retrieve.

Can my customer amend/cancel their booking?

Yes, if you have that option turned on, they can click through their confirmation email link (sent to them via email and/or SMS) and change.

How do I export booking data?

We have a super useful export tool for customer listing data and all bookings listing. Both are exportable to excel as .xlsx files. We have Clients that use this for their web marketing and mail merging.


Where is your server kept? Is my data secure?

We use Amazon Servers, these are based in Sydney, Australia. It is super secure but if you have specific questions about data security, please send us an email to and we will respond quickly.

We use Stripe for the payment processes. Stripe is a global company, go visit their website if you want more comfort but we only use the best.

I forgot my password, what do I do?

If you are not the main account holder, then the main account holder can update your password in the Users tab. However, if you are the main account holder, email to rectify for you.

So I forgot my login/email, what now?

Every computer security person will tell you never to write down this stuff. But we are smart, and even smart people need to write it down. If you can't remember your login/email, please contact to rectify for you.


Where can I find your Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Disclaimer?

Terms and Conditions

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MyTables is cost effective and you will benefit from the added value in owning your own customer data, which means we do not market your customers to your competitors!


Our support team is based in Adelaide, we guarantee a fast response and look forward to working with you.

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