Why choose MyTables?

You are special, you don’t have to be lumped in with everyone else. Your customers want to book with you for you, you don’t need them to go via another website with all your competitors. Just make it easy, a customer visits your website, they click on a link, make their booking, and it’s instantly yours. No pay per booking, no additional fees to be at the top of the list, and no need to discount meals.

By choosing MyTables, you receive your own access to the platform, it’s easy to use and highly customisable. All for one low monthly price, SMS extra at 10c a pop. That’s all. No contract, just try for 25 days on your web browser and if it fits your needs, sign up!

A few features that our Clients love are shown below, the real magic happens when you sign up.


Imagine having all your bookings in one place, no more old crusty books, you instantly edit and delete bookings as needed.

The Timeline displays your listing of bookings for the day selected, use the arrows or drop-down calendar to move back and forward between dates.

Quick Add Manual Bookings for Walking, Phone etc

Still having walk-ins and telephone bookings, don’t fear, MyTables enables you to enter in your customer booking information, including any special requests or booking notes.

Data Export

Your data is your own, so export it at any time. Any grid can be exported to Excel for your own record keeping or marketing.


Keep up to date with recent activity and bookings with your own Dashboard.

Why MyTables?

Time Saving

Reduce your time on the phone taking manual bookings and streamline the process for you and your customers. All booking and customer data can be easily edited.

Easy To Use

MyTables is intuitive and has all your information in one place, seeing bookings laid out as Timeline and Listing formats.

The platform is web browser based, so no App or Programs to download. Just Sign In from Google Chrome or Firefox web browsers for the best experience.

Setup and Ongoing Support

We help you get started and guide you through the setup of the entire process. Australian based ongoing support should you need it.

The system has in built help documents to assist you, we only a quick email away or can arrange a time to phone you to discuss any queries.

Customer Data

Your data is your own, which can be edited and exported to compatible files. MyTables never uses it for marketing to your customers or competitors!

Highly Customisable

You are in control of the back-end setup and messages, so you can customise every aspect of how you want your customers to book with you.

Simplified Backend

See all your information in one place with a simple, easy to use layout.

Some of the features our clients love

Easy for customers

Simplified mobile and desktop booking.

Owner Dashboard

Highly customisable options.


Better understand customer behaviour.

Flexible Pricing

Pay for only what you use with a capped spend.


Our support team is based in Adelaide, we guarantee a fast response and look forward to working with you.

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